Graduate Council Minutes – January 29, 2014

Fort Hays State University
January 29, 2014


Dr. Tim Crowley, Dean of Graduate Studies and Research/Assistant Provost for Internationalization, called the Graduate Council meeting to order at 3:35 p.m.

Council members present were Dr. Robert Moody, Dr. Jennifer Bonds-Raacke, Dr. Kim Perez, Dr. Jayne Brandel, Dr. Dorothy Fulton, Dr. Christine Hober, Dr. Jim Barrett, Dr. Scott Robson, Dr. Tom Schafer, Dr. Jerry Spotswood and Dr. Greg Weisenborn.

Minutes from the Nov. 20 meeting had not been received by the Council and will be approved at the next meeting.

Old Business – the Curriculum Committee has not had a chance to review the new courses that were presented at the last meeting (LDRS 811 & MUS 876).  They will try to meet and review these courses before the February meeting.

New Business – 5 more courses were added for the Curriculum Committee to review.  They will add these courses to the previous 2 and will hopefully have them ready to bring to the Council for the February meeting.

There are currently no graduate faculty nominations; however, Nursing and Management and Marketing have some they need to submit.

It was also asked if there had been any change in financial aid awarding money for certificates and endorsements.  Dr. Crowley said there had been no changes at this time.  He did discuss that the Dean’s had been talking about the definition of a certificate and that the Provost is very concerned about this.  Because the definition of certificate is so widespread across the campus it will be very hard to write a policy or create a single definition.  If a change does happen, Dr. Crowley will share it with the Council.

Dr. Crowley requested Commencement Volunteers – there needs to be one from each college and a banner carrier.  Dr. Brandel volunteered Dr. Marla Staab for Health and Life Sciences, Dr. Kim Perez volunteered to carry the banner, Dr. Tom Shafer volunteered for Arts and Sciences and Dr. Barrett volunteered for Education.  Dr. Spotswood will be a back-up and will be the seater.

Dean’s Comments – Dr. Spotswood is organizing Research Day at the Capitol which will be held on February 12.  It was asked if it will happen again next year and if the due date could possibly be moved.  Dr. Brandel said this date was hard for her students to meet.  Dr. Crowley stated that the Research Day is tied to the undergraduate day so it depends on what day that is scheduled.  Because this was the first year, the due date was a little earlier and that it will be better organized next year.

Spring 14 enrollment is going very well.  The Graduate School is up 130 students over last year.  Last year was a record year (up 6%) and this year we are up 14% more for a total of 20% in the last 2 years.

FHSU also did well in the US News and World Reports Rankings.  MBA is ranked 65, Nursing 76 and Education 20.  The HRM program was listed as #1 on  Rankings are now part of performance reviews with the Board of Regents.  FHSU rankings didn’t change much from last year; however, there are now some big names on the list that weren’t there last year.  FHSU now has more competition and branded competition.

Dr. Crowley asked if AEP was having capacity problems and if they had considered implementing a deadline. Dr. Barrett said a deadline is worth considering, but there would be some issues with Special Education waivers.

Both MLS and MPS continue to grow and Dr. Crowley asked if any other departments were having issues with growth.  No other departments reported any major problems besides resources.

The Council asked about the search for the new president and Dr. Crowley had no information.  He said that the first round of airport interviews would be held over spring break.

Next meeting:  February 26, 2014 at 3:30 p.m.





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Graduate Council Minutes – November 20, 2013

Fort Hays State University
November 20, 2013


Dr. Tim Crowley, Dean of Graduate Studies and Research/Assistant Provost for Internationalization, called the Graduate Council meeting to order at 3:33 p.m.

Council members present were Dr. Robert Moody, Dr. Suzanne Becking, Dr. Jennifer Bonds-Raacke, Dr. Kim Perez, Dr. Jayne Brandel, Dr. Dorothy Fulton, Dr. Christine Hober, Dr. Keyu Jiang, Dr. Jordana LaFantasie, Dr. Jim Barrett, Dr. Jenny Manry, Dr. Scott Robson, Dr. Tom Schaefer, Dr. Jerry Spotswood, Dr. John Zody and Dr. Eric Leuschner for Dr. Carl Singleton.

Minutes from the October 9, 2013 meeting were approved.

New Courses – LDRS 811 was unable to be reviewed because the Academic Affairs/Curriculum Committee had not been able to meet prior to the meeting.  Dr. Robson said that they should be able to meet before the next meeting and that he believed the course will need to come back to the entire council before it is passed.

New Concentrations – Criminal Justice is moving from MLS to MPS effective Fall, 2014.  All current MLS students will be taught out.  The curriculum will change slightly.

Dean’s Comments – Dr. Crowley had his annual review with President Hammond the week prior to the meeting and the Professional Science Masters will no longer be offered.  The program currently has 2 students who will be taught out and the Board of Regents will be notified.

PSM is a national movement and Geosciences has developed some new concentrations and will be applying for naming and branding of PSM.  Dr. Schafer said that these concentrations will be things that don’t fall under the traditional Geosciences degree.

Research Day at the Capitol is Feb. 12.  This is collaborative effort of the Kansas Deans and Dr. Spotswood is in charge of the program for Graduate students.  There are no prizes awarded but is important for public relations.  There will be 5 posters from each school chosen to be displayed on the 2nd floor rotunda in the Capitol.  Undergraduate Research Day will also be held the same day on the 1st floor.  This will be an opportunity for the students to interact with the legislature and their staff.

Dr. Crowley would like you to encourage students who are working in areas the legislature may take an active interest in such as energy, healthcare, education, biosciences and technology.  The deadline to submit your abstract paper and letter of reference from your faculty mentor is due January 10.  A group of faculty members will choose the best 5 to represent FHSU.  Geosciences and Biology have poster printers that may be used with sufficient notice or the Print Shop is available to print posters.

Wait Lists for Intersession and Spring were discussed.  Dr. Crowley had a few handouts that showed where we were with Graduate level classes.  He asked the committee how they thought the list was working and they all agreed for the most part it was a great tool.

The meeting adjourned at 4:25pm.

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February, 2014 – Spring Semester 2014

Welcome back to the Spring semester!  Here are a few topics that have been on our minds recently…

Rankings News

There is some good news regarding graduate education to report as the university begins its Spring, 2014 semester.  The US News and World Report rankings of online programs released its latest rankings on January 7 and three of our programs have improved their annual ranking:

Nursing (MSN) – we are 71st overall.  In Kansas, we are second only to KU.
Business (MBA) – we are 64th overall and the top ranked school in Kansas.
Education (MS) – we are 20th overall and the top ranked school in Kansas.

Here is the link to the full report.

The Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Human Resource Management program has been ranked the #1 Human Resource Management program by

The Master of Liberal Studies (MLS) in Public Administration program has been ranked the #1 MPA program by, as well.

Congratulations to all the graduate faculty who teach in these programs and all the support staff who help make them a success!

Enrollment Record

The Graduate School will set another enrollment record when the 20th day is reached next week on February 14th.  Preliminary data indicate greater than 7% increase over Spring, 2013 enrollment, which was in itself an outlier 14% growth semester over Spring, 2012 20th day data.  Growth of over 21% in 2 years has put us well over the 2000 student mark to approximately 2070 students.  We are the fastest growing Graduate School in the Regents system and will soon overtake Emporia State’s graduate enrollments.  Congratulations for all the hard work undertaken to reach this goal.  I am hopeful additional resources to meet high demand growth areas will be forthcoming in the next budget cycle.

Master’s Research Day at the Capitol 

On February 12, the following master’s students from FHSU will join their colleagues from the University of Kansas, Kansas State University, Wichita State University, and Pittsburg State University in displaying posters of their research on the 2nd floor rotunda of the Capitol.  This event is organized by the Kansas Council of Graduate Deans under the Kansas Board of Regents.

Aubray Magnusson – Communication Disorders – Dr. Jayne Brandel
Brooke Mann – Psychology – Dr. Jennifer Bonds-Raacke
Steven Reed – Geosciences – Dr. Hendratta Ali

Please join me in congratulating these students for their hard work and willingness to represent FHSU!

Paperless Admissions System

The Graduate School has recently received funded to begin converting it’s current application and admission system to a 100% paperless system.  We will be outsourcing this process and integration within the current university Student Information System and financials will take several months to build out.  Later this spring we will begin working with department admissions contacts to provide training for working within this new system.  The Graduate School hopes to launch this system by July 1.

Graduate School Honors Ceremony

The annual Graduate School Honors Ceremony will take place at 7pm at the Eagle Hall of the Robbins Center on May 14, 2014.  Outstanding graduate students and faculty will be honored at this event with a reception to follow.  Please nominate individuals for awards consideration by April 30.

Center for Language and Culture (CLC)

The spring and summer study abroad season is beginning to energize and in addition to sponsoring two opportunities, it will be supporting several others with student scholarships and planning advice.  Max Maximov and Christophe Cheroret will give a lunch presentation on faculty-led study abroad activities on Feb. 20th at noon in the Memorial Union.  Lunch tickets will be provided to the first 40 faculty and staff members.

The CLC will continue to offer faculty members support in designing faculty-led study abroad programs for the 2014-2015 academic year.  Conversation tables in foreign languages will also be scheduled and co-curricular excursions for international students will also be planned.

Internationalization of the Campus and Curriculum Award Nominations

Please consider nominating a deserving faculty or staff member for this annual award by April 1, 2014.  The winner will be recognized at the 2014 Fall Convocation.

Internationalization of the Campus and Curriculum Faculty Survey

The 2014 faculty internationalization survey is now available.  Thank you for responding to the survey in order to help the Internationalization Team consider the issues surrounding faculty internationalization of the campus and curriculum.

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Week of November 18-22, 2013

Graduate faculty mentoring master’s students in areas represented by various State of Kansas legislative committees (e.g. education, health, agriculture, aviation, biotechnology, energy, transportation, manufacturing, environment, and social services) are encouraged to have their students submit posters for the 1st annual Graduate Research Day at the Capitol on February 12, 2014.  Forty students from Kansas Regents institutions will be chosen to represent their institutions on the 2nd floor rotunda of the Capitol.  At FHSU, we will be using a new electronic competition software package called CompetitionSpace to select five students for this event.  The link for this opportunity is  Faculty in these areas should share this link with their students and students should submit the required materials for review of their posters.  The deadline for this will be January 10, 2014.  Thank you for encouraging your students to submit their research work for this opportunity.  Transportation and lunch for the day will be provided.  Note that this is not an adjudicated competition with prizes.  All five FHSU representatives will be recognized equally.  This initiative is being sponsored by the Kansas Council of Graduate Deans (KCGD).

In additional research-related news, the university has been engaged in discussions about export controls.  Drafts of a proposed policy is being shared with Graduate Council and Provost’s Council in preparation for consideration by President’s Cabinet.  Export controls is a complex topic of arcane Federal regulations, but relates to FHSU in a couple of ways – most visibility in the case of specialized proprietary software which is considered a “deemed export”.  As more of our students are foreign nationals, this topic becomes increasingly relevant in our Graduate School.  In all cases, the university will strive to pursue public domain or fundamental research exclusions to these restrictions when possible.

The approach of the end of the semester means high stakes examinations and consequent anxiety and apprehension among our graduate students.  The deadline for reporting comprehensive examinations to the Graduate School has just passed, so if you have not submitted your ballots to the Graduate School for your students, please do so as soon as possible.  The Graduate School policy and procedures for academic appeals can be found at

To close, here are recent data related to the growth of new graduate students (red) vs. new undergraduate students (blue) in our Virtual College programming over the last four years.  It will be interesting to see if the trend lines continue in the same directions next fall.

Comparison of VC enrollment growth 2010-2013 by student

Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels!

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Week of November 4-8, 2013

It has been a few weeks since we have had a post on this site.  Recent events and changes at the university have kept us all busy, but it is time now to communicate more about some projects we have begun this year.

Internationalization of the Campus and Curriculum 

Logo - Clean white background (colour)

The Center for Language and Culture was a project begun this year in the Graduate School as our primary effort to impact internationalization of the campus and curriculum.  This idea was conceived through some conversations between members of Provost’s Council and the Internationalization Team over the past several years and a perceived need to add or improve existing services for several campus stakeholders: domestic students interested in education abroad and foreign language study, international students interested in English assistance and co-curricular opportunities to learn about our region, and faculty members interested in developing new education abroad experiences for students.

This fall the Center for Language and Culture has begun taking some giant steps towards accomplishing these goals through the hard work of graduate assistant Christophe Cheroret.  Christophe is an energetic young man with a passion for international education.  He has worked hard over the last two months to build important connections with academic departments and student support units.  The Center currently offers the following services:

  • weekly conversation tables in foreign languages and in English for ESL students
  • individual tutoring in foreign languages
  • development and promotion of several short-term education abroad opportunities for the campus (Morocco, Spain, France, Ukraine, and Chile).
  • promotion of university academic programs with international themes (certificates, minors, and majors)
  • co-curricular opportunities for international students to experience the culture of our region

The Center has an active Facebook page and Twitter account…reaching out to many students in new ways.  A great deal of progress has been made on this initiative this fall.  Christophe has been active in giving many presentations to IDS 101 course sections this fall.



Another project we are working on in the Graduate School is the inaugural Graduate Research Day at the Capitol on February 12, 2014.  All the graduate deans of the Regents institutions are collaborating on this initiative.  It is an opportunity for each institution to send 5 of the best master’s level posters to be displayed on the 2nd floor rotunda of the Capitol.  We will soon be communicating with graduate faculty about this opportunity and begin a competition to judge the best 5 posters we will send from FHSU.  Assistant Dean Dr. Jerry Spotswood will lead this initiative and we will be using our new competition software package – CompetitionSpace.  Look for more about this in your email soon.

The guidelines for preparation of theses and field studies have been updated and uploaded to the Graduate School web site.  Please be sure your advisees who are completing theses or field studies understand the need for IRB or IACUC documentation if they are working with research subjects that fall under the administration of one of these two committees.


Graduate School 

We’ve begun to post the minutes to the Graduate Council meetings held this fall to this site.  They are visible in the Categories section or by scrolling through Recent Posts.

Please remember these upcoming deadlines:

November 18
Deadline to turn in comprehensive exam results to the Graduate School.  All ballots should have an evaluation of the candidate’s performance on Graduate School Learner Outcome #1 indicated.

November 25
Deadline to turn in thesis/field study/catalog to Graduate School

Thank you for your continued support of graduate education at FHSU!

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October 9, 2013 Minutes

Fort Hays State University


October 9, 2013


Dr. Tim Crowley, Dean of Graduate Studies and Research/Assistant Provost for Internationalization, called the Graduate Council meeting to order at 3:35 p.m.

Council members present were Dr. Suzanne Becking, Dr. Jennifer Bonds-Raacke, Dr. Kim Perez, Dr. Jayne Brandel, Dr. Carla Hattan, Dr. Christine Hober, Dr. Scott Robson, Dr. Tom Schafer, Dr. Carl Singleton, Dr. Jerry Spotswood and Dr. Greg Weisenborn.

September meeting minutes were passed with the addition of Dr. Carl Singleton as present.

New Courses – the Academic Affairs reviewed three new courses.  All were sent back for revision. MGT 894 was revised and requires Council action.   Motion to approve course with revisions and additional clarifications was passed.

New Grad Faculty – Nine faculty members were nominated and approved.  All were elected as Master’s I graduate faculty.

New Concentrations – MLS Organizational Leadership will move to MPS starting Fall, 2014.  The program will change slightly to fit the curriculum of the MPS program.

Dean’s Comments – There are a few Graduate courses being offered for Intersession which runs from Dec. 30 – Jan. 17.  Intersession is larger this year than last year and there are more choices for students.  Pre-enrollment for both Intersession and Spring, 2014 begins on Oct. 14.  There were no troubles last year with Intersession.  Graduate School will enforce firm application deadlines due to staffing limitations in late December.  Students must be admitted by November 29th.

The Tigertracks Wait List will be available for students enrolling in the Spring, 2014 semester.  Dr. Crowley commended CTC on their work on this project.  It is a very useful tool that will aid students wanting to get in a full class and also alert chairs (who will get a list of wait list students) in order to make informed decisions about opening new sections.

There is a student look-up function forthcoming in TigerCentral that may be useful for advisors and faculty members.

An adjunct faculty awards program will be rolled out and will be similar to awards already done now.  There will be one from each college each semester and an adjunct faculty member of the year.  More information will be forthcoming to the Council as it becomes known.

FHSU signed a partnership with Talal Abu-Ghazaleh University (TAGIUNI) in Amman, Jordan in October.  There are 5 master’s, 5 bachelor’s, and all certificate programs that FHSU offers through the Virtual College will be marketed to prospective students in the Middle East region.  This partner will help to internationalize the campus and curriculum and bring a new source of graduate students to FHSU.

Next meeting:  November 6, 2013

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September 11, 2013 Minutes

Fort Hays State University


September 11, 2013


Dr. Tim Crowley, Dean of Graduate Studies and Research/Assistant Provost for Internationalization, called the Graduate Council meeting to order at 3:30 p.m.

Council members present were Dr. Greg Weisenborn, Dr. Scott Robson, Dr. Dorothy Fulton, Dr. Suzanne Becking, Dr. John Zody, Dr. Jerry Spotswood, Dr. Tom Schafer, Dr. Jayne Brandel, Dr. Christine Hober, Dr. Keyu Jiang, Dr. Jordge LaFantasie, Dr. Jim Barrett, Dr. Jennifer Bonds-Raacke, Dr. Jenny Manry, & Dr. Kim Perez

Introductions – New members Dr. Jenny Manry and Dr. Kim Perez were introduced.

Graduate Council membership for 2013-2014 with term expiration – handout shows current Graduate Council membership and the year their term expires.  Most of the Council are returning members.

Committee Assignments – Three subcommittees:  Academic Affairs/Curriculum which meets to screen new courses before they are brought to full council, Graduate Faculty which meets about twice a year to discuss Graduate Faculty applications and Student Appeals which meets to review student appeals.

There are 8 new courses for the Academic Affairs/Curriculum committee to review and 13 new Graduate Faculty applications for the Graduate Faculty committee to review prior to the Oct. 9 meeting.

In the past Dr. Crowley met with groups individually, but this year would like to appoint a chair to convene these meetings independently.  Christy can schedule meetings in the Picken Hall conference room if needed.  Dr. Scott Robson is head of the Academic Affairs/Curriculum committee, Dr. Jayne Brandel is head of the Graduate Faculty committee, and Dr. Jerry Spotswood is head of the Student Appeals committee.

New Business – 5 new concentrations were approved this summer, 8 new course applications were proposed and 13 new graduate faculty applications were received.

Dean’s Comments – Dr. Fulton commented that she really liked the blog Dr. Crowley is using to keep Graduate Faculty appraised of Graduate School happenings.  Dr. Crowley asked if there were any suggestions on additions or thoughts on having a program feature each week.

Enrollment numbers are progressing well.  The Graduate School is now over 2,000 students (80% virtual).  Dr. Crowley will check to see if there was any other time that we were over 2,000.

Counseling is proposing a new program to align with KCREP accreditation.  The program would take the Community Counseling concentration and turn it into a MS in Community Mental Health Counseling and would be a 60 hour program.

Next meeting:  October 9, 2013

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