Week of August 19-23, 2013

Last week, I shared our Graduate School learner outcomes data on our first unit-wide learner outcome dealing with advanced disciplinary knowledge, skills, and abilities. This week, I will share data on learner outcomes #2 and #3 from Spring, 2013.  Thank you to all graduate faculty and departments that are sharing these important data on the admission to candidacy form each semester.

Learner outcome #2 asks program faculty to evaluate each degree candidate in the area of introductory scholarship skills that fit the FHSU definition of scholarly activity.  There were 206 students evaluated for candidacy in the Spring, 2013 semester and the mean value was 4.21 with a standard deviation of .85.  In constructing a box plot, one can see that the median value was slightly below the mean at 4.09 and the 3rd and 4th quartiles span the same overlapping values between 4.09 and 5 (i.e. there is no distinctive 4th quartile of data).  The 2nd quartile is quite small.  This indicates a right-skewed distribution of these data, which can be viewed as a positive description of student performance.  The majority of these data confirm that these 206 students performed at the “mastering” (4) or “practicing” (5) level of assessment in the area of scholarly activities.

Learner outcome #3 measures professional written communication skills and these data are also similarly encouraging.  The mean (4.24) is slightly below the median (4.33) and the standard deviation is .87.  The majority of these data also confirm that the assessed students performed at the “mastering” (4) or “practicing” (5) level in the area of written professional communication.



Deadlines for the coming semester have been emailed to all graduate students and posted on our Facebook page.  Thank you for keeping your students well advised about the comprehensive examination, candidacy, and intent to graduate procedures.  Linda Garner and JoAnne Crispin work diligently to assist students reach their goals of earning a graduate degree and rely heavily upon timely assistance from graduate faculty advisors.  Department chairs, it is time again to nominate faculty members in your department for consideration as graduate faculty members.

Thank you for your continued support of graduate education at FHSU.



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