September, 2015

Welcome back to a new academic year! The staff at the Graduate School have been working hard through the summer to process applications for admission and issue GTA contracts for the Fall, 2015 semester as well as clearing Summer, 2015 graduates. We have had record numbers of applications for fall and summer graduates and enrollments continue to climb above 2014 levels, so the year is already off to a strong start.

GTA stipend increases

We are pleased to announce that the university has approved a budget request to increase the GTA stipend from $7,000 per year to $10,000 over the next two years. For the Fall, 2015 semester, GTA contracts are being issued at the rate of $8,500 per year. This stipend has not changed since 2005.

Enhancements to Graduate Student Application System

Graduate School staff are now working with the New Development Team in the Computing Center to build out a substantial enhancement to our current application system which has a goal of going live on or about November 1. Testing will be starting this fall in a few departments and training will be forthcoming after that.

Graduate Student Conference Travel Competition

The Graduate School will begin to offer a competition for graduate student conference travel funding assistance in September, 2015. We plan to run one competition in the fall and one competition in the spring semester. Graduate students interested in this opportunity should visit the student conference travel assistance page on the Graduate School website to learn more and to apply. The Fall application deadline is September 15.

Graduate Council News

The Graduate Council met on August 26th at 3:30pm in Picken Hall #122. We are pleased to add the 20th graduate degree program to FHSU with the launch of the Doctor of Nursing Practice (approved by KBOR in June, 2015) so we now have 21 sets on the Council. Graduate Council members for 2015-2016 with their programs and date of term expiration are:

Dr. Jim Barrett (MSE – 2016)
Dr. Jennifer Bonds-Raacke (MS and EdS in Psychology – 2016)
Janelle Harding (MSN – 2016)
Dr. Kim Perez (MA in History – 2016)
Linda Ganstrom (MFA – 2016)
Dr. Tom Schafer (MS in Geosciences – 2017)
Dr. Jayne Brandel (MS in SLP – 2017)
Dr. Elliott Isom – (MS in Counseling – 2017)
Dr. Carl Singleton (MA in English – 2017)Dr. Christine Hober (SEC representative – 2017)
Dr. Elmer Finck (MS in Biology – 2017)
Dr. LeAnn Brown (MPS – 2017)
Dr. Robert Moody (MS and EdS in Ed Admin – 2018)
Dr. Greg Weisenborn (MBA – 2018)
Dr. Scott Robson (MS in COMM – 2018)
Dr. Dorothy Fulton (MS in Special Ed – 2018)
Dr. Suzanne Becking (MIT – 2018)
Dr. John Zody (MS in HHP – 2018)
Dr. Jerry Spotswood (MLS – 2018)
Dr. Jenny Manry (DNP – 2018)

Changes – New Faces

With the re-organization of the university this spring, the Graduate School will now have three new faces in the office this fall: Matt Means, Director of the Honors College, Dr. Chapman Rackaway, Director of Liberal Education, and Mr. Kenton Russell, Coordinator of the First-Year Experience. Leslie Paige, Coordinator of the Office of Scholarship and Sponsored Projects remains in the office, but now reports directly to Provost Glynn. Dr. Crowley is now the Dean of the Graduate School and Assistant Provost for Academic Programs.


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