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Meet Our Graduate Students – Karen Molineaux 

erly Karen Molineaux
Sitka, Alaska

My Program: Masters of Instructional Technology

I completed my History under grad, and Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) from Eastern Oregon University. I am currently the Instructional Design Technician for the University of Alaska Southeast-Sitka, as well as a wife, mom, step-mom, grandma of 5 (almost 6), and licensed Oregon teacher.

During my MAT program, we trained in technology use in the classroom; I instantly fell in love, and knew that I needed to continue studying and learning this area of education. What attracts me the most to Instructional Technology is that I get to translate pedagogical research and best practices into tool kits that are crafted to promote a sense of community for online rural, remote, and Alaska Native students for retention and completion outcomes – all with a constant focus on student success. In my current position at UAS-Sitka, I have been able to do just that as a member of the Student Services Title III Grant Team. This field continues to expose me to a deeper understanding of all departments in the educational arena, especially in higher ed student affairs and the crosswalk between high school and college or career pathways.

I chose FHSU’s MIT program because of 3 major criteria: It is fully online, the tuition is the best in this field of study that I had found, and the institution is all about Google! My instructors set me up for success from day one, and because of this, I was able to enter into the field of instructional design at the higher ed level with skills and confidence that I had always dreamed of. My experience inspired me to continue on, and I am now in FHSU’s Educational Specialist program for Educational Leadership!



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Meet Our Students- Kristine Tippin

Krstine Tippin profile

Kristine Tippin
Salina, KS

Master of Professional Studies in Human Resource Management

I graduated from FHSU in May 2016 and started my career 5 days later at Schwan’s Global Supply Chain as an Associate HR Generalist. In my current position, I have a wide range of responsibilities including employee relations, unemployment claims, payroll, and performance management.

I chose HR because I wanted to help people while also helping businesses thrive. I enjoyed the graduate program because it exposed me to various aspects of HR and allowed me to better understand the impact human resource professionals make in a company.

FHSU had fantastic teachers and courses that equipped me with the knowledge and abilities to perform well in the HR field.

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Affordable MBAs? They’re at Fort Hays State University!

FHSU’s recognition as a national leader in online education continues on, as our Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) program was recognized as the 12th-ranked in the U.S. by

Students in the international MBA program at Fort Hays State University will take courses amounting to 34 credit-hours to earn their degree. Those courses include international marketing, international economics, international finance, information systems for management, strategic management, and organizational behavior in a global context. Graduates from the MBA program at FHSU have landed jobs at Wal-Mart corporate, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Texas Instruments, Koch Industries, IBM, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, the FDIC, and General Electric.

Want to know more about the FHSU MBA?  Yours may be the next success story we get to share.

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Our Graduate Students – Meet Mary Swanson

Mary Swanson 071116

Meet Mary Swanson, a graduate of the FHSU MBA and China GTA program who currently lives in Xinzheng, Henan, China.

“After completing my undergrad at UC Berkeley, I worked in the San Francisco Bay Area for a few years before relocating to China! Despite the challenges of living abroad, I love it and will be back in China with my husband for our 5th year this fall!

The China GTA program not only gave me the opportunity to build my teaching and public speaking skills, but also gave me the opportunity to live and work in a very different country and culture. I loved being able to learn more about China and Asia in general as it’s much easier to travel to Korea, Japan, Thailand, Philippines and many other countries from there.

I love traveling, learning and taking on new challenges. The MBA program gave me just that with the opportunity to study abroad, travel as I studied and continue to grow and learn through obtaining my MBA.”

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Why Do Graduate Students Quit?

Universities are increasingly facing up to the challenges of student retention.  For institutions like FHSU, state-supported bodies that have first-generation and under-served student populations as part of their core mission, retention isn’t just a buzzword: it’s critical to the reason the university exists in the first place.

The Atlantic magazine asks a provocative question about retention about a student population that doesn’t get a lot of attention when it comes to retention and student success: graduate students.

While the main focus of the article is on doctoral students, the questions brought up can apply to all post-baccalaureate students:

Research suggests that the majority of students who enter doctoral programs possess the academic ability to complete their studies, but systemic issues at schools may lead to high attrition and mental distress among graduate students.

What can FHSU and our graduate school do to improve our students’ chances of success?  One option, quoted in the article, suggests that quality mentorship is key to getting graduate students through their programs:

An overwhelming number complained about a lack of quality mentoring and support from faculty. The study also noted that doctoral students believed mentoring needs to begin earlier, be more systematic, and be based on a multiple-mentor model.

What should the mentor-student relationship be like?  How can we improve our student mentorship?

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