The Contribution of Masters Degrees at Public Universities

Today’s Inside Higher Ed  features a study of State Comprehensive Universities (SCUs), the category in which you’ll find FHSU.  The study points out that while flagship universities might get most of the attention, the SCU Master’s program offers some unique advantages for students to consider when selecting a graduate program.

“They really provide service to a large number of students, but they don’t get the same press as research institutions,” Titus said. “Many of those students come from disadvantaged backgrounds. They’re nontraditional students, students who don’t live very far away from the institutions they attend.”

FHSU’s mission focuses on serving students who are non-traditional, full-time employed, or from underserved populations.  Our small size also allows us to provide mentorship and support opportunities often lacking at flagship institutions.

Our affordable tuition also provides an advantage to serve students who might not otherwise find a good experience.  Like other SCU’s, Fort Hays State provides accessible quality education because we use our resources very wisely:

Researchers calculated cost-efficiency indexes for residual (short-term) efficiency and for persistent (long-term) efficiency using four models. Across all models, the residual, or short-term, cost-efficiency index for public master’s institutions notched a mean of approximately 91 percent. The persistent, or long-term, cost-efficiency index mean came in between roughly 84 percent and 86 percent. It was 85.7 percent in two models.

“That represents the percentage of efficiency compared to an institution that’s 100 percent cost-efficient, so they’re using resources in an efficient way that would minimize their costs,”

Want to find out more about what our service mission and agile organization can do for you?  There’s more information here or you can contact us at


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