Meet Arlea Carmack

Arlea Carmack

Name: Arlea Carmack
City: Boise, Idaho
Program: EdS in Educational Leadership

I am a mother of 3 sons, a daughter, and grandmother of 14 grandchildren. Attending FHSU Virtual College has given me the freedom to balance my personal life and realize my potential.

I love to learn, to teach, and I love my job as an Adjunct Instructor at FHSU in the Advanced Education Program. My goals are to make a difference in collegiate education and to work from home. I chose the EdS program because a great advisor and mentor, Dr. Suzanne Becking, has helped me see how I can reach my goals.

FHSU has the personal connections between students and faculty that inspire students to reach higher in their education goals and they truly care for their students’ successes. My experiences in the EdS program have been life-changing for me. It has opened doors of possibilities while showing me the difference an Educational Leader can make in their educational role, as well as, their personal lives.


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