While it’s often pushed today at the undergraduate level, the promise of credentialing, or “badging” as also called, is significant.

The Roosevelt Institute released a report  with guidelines for effective credentialing.  The three parts of their wishlist are:

  • Learner control: An ideal infrastructure for credentials management would place the learner, not thirdparty companies or educational institutions, at the center of the process and in control of her professional and educational identity.
  • Portability: Learners/workers need the ability to share and translate their credentials from one context to another and to represent them in different combinations for different audiences.
  • Verifiability: We need better ways of verifying the source and authenticity of new credentials. This is a fundamental aspect of increasing trust in novel forms of credentials and assessments based on big data.

The drumbeat continues to get louder: portable and comparable skills-based assessment is a 21st Century need for advanced degree graduates.  What would you like to see in a credential-based transcript?


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