Meet our alums: Donovan MacFarlane

DM PictureHHDonovan A. McFarlane, Lauderdale Lakes, Florida

Program/concentration: MLS/Political Science (Graduated December 2015)

I am originally from the island of Jamaica in the Caribbean, and currently reside in Florida. I work in higher education as a faculty in Marketing, Management, and Business Administration, teaching at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

As an educator, when I engage an institution to continue my studies, there are three important criteria an institution must exceed in comparison to its competitors and other academic institutions: affordability, program quality, and faculty quality. I chose Fort Hays State University (FHSU) to earn my Master’s (MLS) degree because it was the most affordable high quality program available with flexible financial plan, and a team of excellent and supportive faculty with extensive expertise in their fields.

My experience in the MLS program was phenomenal and the excellent support provided by my advisor Dr. Chapman Rackaway, and committee members Dr. Arthur Morin and Dr. Jian Sun is what many students search for in graduate programs, but have a difficulty finding. The program content was just inspiring and the support and compassion of the faculty motivated me – for example, Dr. Joseph Romance and Dr. Josephine Squires were just wonderful! I am absolutely pleased with FHSU as it has helped me to fulfill a life-long dream of earning a degree in Political Science.




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