Credentials- Not Just for 2-Year Colleges

A new post today from a Seattle-area 2-year college makes the point that employers are looking for skills-based competency evidence in their job candidates.

A job-seeker takes out a three-ring binder to show an employer. Inside is a certificate of completion, an OSHA card, a certificate of achievement and a first-aid card. She holds up her phone: her LinkedIn account shows a badge in HR expertise. What does an employer make of this? And how do job seekers and students ensure that the credentials they earn are worthwhile?

The competency description provided by Petrait and Dillard is valuable and important.  Every few days another article, another blog post, stresses the need for us to transcript skills.  But why limit those transcripted skills to the 2-year level?  Four-year and graduate institutions produce students who need to demonstrate evidence of skill acquisition to employers, too.

As FHSU considers how we can ‘badge’ or credential skills, what are the skills graduate students should display?  How should we make note of transcripting those skills?


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