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Scheduling in Higher Education

Does higher education have a programming issue?  Today’s Inside Higher Education claims so.

Schedules are current developed on a default semester-to-semester or year-to-year basis.  But as more institutions develop alternative curriculum processes, the gap between capacity and offerings appears to be growing, as evidenced by a quote from the technology provider Ad Astra Information Systems.

“Academics make edits to the schedule based on what they know and maybe they have information about what their students’ needs are,” said Sarah Collins, chief client experience officer for Ad Astra. “But they build based on available faculty and available space and it’s posted for students to register. The challenge is enrollments are dynamic.”

The article addresses in-person scheduling, but institutions like FHSU offer a significant online curriculum.  How can online institutions better use data to set schedules and offerings?


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Meet our students – Alfredo Guarducci


My name is Alfredo Guarducci, and I currently reside in the State of California. I am presently concluding my MLS program with a concentration in organizational leadership. Because of my background of being in law enforcement for 23 years, this program heightened my understanding of how to apply leadership.

My project is about finding a need, in this case a grief support group for public safety, and creating a model suitable for others to use and follow. The model, which I have created, has been instituted with success at one organization, so the project will focus on implementing the model at other organizations.

The model that I have created came from my personal experience as a public safety officer, seeking a grief support group after suffering the loss of my oldest son. Conventional grief support groups were not an option, as other parents who were not involved in public safety could not understand the feelings of not being in control. The group model is for public safety personnel only, so that they can feel comfortable with showing their feelings and emotions in a safe environment.

The group took on an additional role of conducting outreach services for members, at the beginning of their loss in order to assist with the healing process. This multifaceted collaborative group has assisted over 15 members to date and continues to be the only one of its kind.

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Meet our students – Herrick Smith


City of residence: Hays, KS
Program/concentration: Art
Field of work: Ceramics

      I guess one might say the program chose me. I apprenticed with Danny Meisinger at spinning Earth Pottery after undergrad and through him I was introduced to Linda Ganstrom and the program here at FHSU. I applied at the end of my apprenticeship and was accepted and began the greatest adventure of my life. I am fascinated by local materials and natural beauty and draw inspiration from both as I make work which spans several media. I primarily fire my ceramic work in atmospheric kilns and I am currently engaged in a project firing large jars in wood kilns across the country for my Thesis Show December 1st of 2017. My experiences in the graduate program have helped me tremendously both personally and professionally as an artist. Through rigorous course work, exposure to national and international artists, and arts communities I feel well prepared to engage at a professional level upon completion of my MFA.

Herrick’s exhibit of Ceramics and Sculpture is currently open and runs through Nov. 18th in the Robbins Center Gallery.

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Meet our students – Desmond Wiggan



  • City of residence: Charlotte, NC
  • Program/concentration: MBA in International Business
  • Experience in the China GTA program: Being in the China GTA program has given me an amazing network, and exposure of various cultures striving to become the leaders of tomorrow.

I am a highly motivated professional who aspires to emulate leaders such as the Rockefellers, and the Carnegie’s for my generation. I set goals each year and work hard at accomplishing them all. After spending a few years in industry working for Pepsi I knew that I wanted to further my education by obtaining my masters, which would allow me to be more marketable. Fort Hays’ affordability, MBA courses, entrepreneur opportunities and overall program was a true deciding factor with attending this University.



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