Meet Zahrah Aljaber

Zahrah Aljaber came to Fort Hays State University from Alhasa, Saudi Arabia. She graduated with her Master’s degree in General Communication Studies after two years and three major chapter publications with Common Ground LLC in Champaign, Illinois. Zahrah received her Bachelor’s degree in Arabic Language from King Fasil University, and has worked as an Arabic language instructor. She speaks Arabic, English and some Farsi. Now her focus is on family life and university teaching in Saudi Arabia while contributing research and bilingual, bicultural language skills. Zahrah mentors and volunteers in the international academic community. Her research on electronic communication in the UAE was published in 2015, Electronic Communication in Developing Countries Explanatory Theory, Volume 2 as chapter 18,  (  and

She is soon to be published with co-researcher Marcella McCluskey as chapter 3, “Internet and Electronic Communication Usage in Online Shopping in Jordan,” and as sole researcher and author of “Internet and Mobile Phone Usage in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Education,” chapter 6; both in Electronic Communication in Developing Countries: A World of Difference, Volume 3 in 2017. These three chapters comprise sections of her MS thesis, Advancing Education: Using Mobile Electronics to Deliver Communications, which are strategic in policy formation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Her thesis director and editor was Dr. Connie Eigenmann, Professor of Communication Studies, Fort Hays State University.


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