Meet our student – Ashley Nease


Ashley Nease
Hays, KS


Growing up in Hays, KS I considered relocating after High School to explore more of what other towns has to offer. However, when it came time to choosing where my next step in life would take place, I couldn’t help but feel an urge towards Fort Hays State University. I always knew that a business degree would be my choice, and I had seriously been considering a career in Marketing as I love creativity, advertising, and finding the value in everyday products. After visiting the campus and talking with teachers  in the marketing department I quickly realized that compared to other school visits, FHSU felt the most equipped to bring my future career success. 

Fort Hays has been my choice for the past five years for a high quality education at an affordable price, and I would do it all over again if given the chance. With an undergraduate degree in Marketing and now a Masters degree of Business Administration emphasizing in Human Resource Management, I feel prepared for a successful career in the business industry. The 4+1 BBA to MBA program has been the best choice to further my education while also starting to work within the marketing industry. I have enjoyed all of the teachers who not only teach the material beyond requirements, but also apply their own experiences in the field to the learning objectives for a real-world learning approach. 

After graduating in May of 2017, I look forward to a position that allows me to utilize skills from past internships and work experiences to further FHSU for future students who will make the same choice that I did when coming to this University. I believe I can give back to the University through my knowledge, skills, and talents- what better way to keep the legacy of Fort Hays going for others to also enjoy!

Thank you to my advisers Rachel Dolechek and Dr. Mary Martin for personally investing in the young freshman marketing student who has now evolved into an equipped, intelligent, and confident business professional. This is the difference Fort Hays State University can make for you too. 


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