Meet our student – Bailey Koerperich Rusk


Bailey Koerperich Rusk

Hays, Kansas

Master of Professional Studies in Human Resource Management

I currently serve as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for the FHSU Department of Management where I assist with research and studies, HR consulting projects, and coursework development and grading

I attended FHSU right after high school to obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. My last two years of undergrad, I moved to New Hampshire. I participated in the National Student Exchange through the university to study at Keene State College which provided a unique experience allowing me to grow and develop. I knew that I wanted to return to Hays for my Master’s program, because of the great experience from my undergrad years. FHSU offers affordable education with small class sizes that fosters student collaboration, relationships with faculty, and lasting professional networks. What stood out about the MPS HRM program is the direct, practical application of the courses to real-life settings. All required courses are relevant and provide an expansive coverage of the field. Over half through the program, I am reassured in my decision to pursue this degree. I have received real-world experience, begun developing my HR project portfolio, and established professional connections.


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Ed Tech VERSUS Online Learning?

A challenging editorial today in Inside Higher Education claiming that one can hate educational technology but love online learning.

Technology has – at least until now – been more of a force for ill than for good in higher education.
Our edtech tribe has consistently over-promised and under-delivered on the potential and benefits of technology.
We have done too little to put the educator at the center of our efforts.

Are we putting the instructor – and the student, for that matter – at the front of online learning and technology as we should?

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Graduate Scholarly Experience (GSE) Grant Program

The purpose of the Graduate Scholarly Experience (GSE) Grant Program is to engage graduate students with meaningful scholarly/creative/research activities.

All current Fort Hays State University graduate students are eligible to apply for grants up to $500. Approved projects may not receive the full amount of funding requested.

If funded, grant expenditures must be complete no later than June 10, 2017.

Applications may be for consumable supplies for proposed research/scholarly/creative work OR to help defray costs for travel to present the results of such work.

Completed applications submitted on or before February 13, 2017 will be given the highest priority for possible funding. No paper or emailed applications will be accepted.


This grant program has been made available with support from the Scholarship Environment Committee and the Office of Scholarship and Sponsored Projects, with funding made available by the graduate School.

For more information and applications, go to:

Please contact Leslie Paige with questions.

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What Should Be on Your Transcript?

In Inside Higher Education today, an idea for revising the university transcript.  For a century, transcripts have been a listing of classes with a GPA and the university’s name.  A university degree, especially at the graduate level, is much more than what the transcript captures though.

The article suggests inclusion of the following in a transcript:

  • A Developmental RecordTo ensure well-rounded development, recognition is awarded on the transcript to students who have taken part in a series of community service and enrichment activities, including lectures, concerts, and artistic performances.

  • A 21st Century Literacy RecordTo recognize the acquisition of such 21st century literacies – including cross-cultural competence, critical and contextual thinking, advanced communication skills, and sensemaking – digital badges would be displayed on the transcript.

  • A Co-curricular TranscriptTo acknowledge the skills and knowledge that students acquire in co-curricular activities – such as internships, externships, study abroad, service learning – these would be included on the transcript.

  • A Competency-based Transcript Alongside grades, a competency-based transcript would specify the abilities, aptitudes, and skills that a student had demonstrated and mastered. There is an ongoing debate about how granular and standardized the competencies should be.

  • A Universal TranscriptA universal transcript would consolidate all of a student’s learning – academic and non-academic.  Such a universal transcript might help individuals receive academic credit for military and corporate training.

What do you want to see on a transcript?  What do employers, doctoral institutions, and the public need to see?  How can we provide that information?

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TODAY – Initial Spring ’17 Enrollment Deadline

Graduate students – today is the deadline for pre-enrolled students to finalize their enrollment for Spring 2017!  If you pre-enrolled for classes, you must finalize them before midnight U.S. Central time tonight or risk losing your spot in the classes for which you’ve pre-enrolled.  Classes have mostly filled, so don’r risk losing your spot – finalize your enrollment today!

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Meet our students – Alyson Burnett Rawitch


Alyson Burnett Rawitch
Stilwell, Kansas
M.A. American History/Public History

Archivist volunteer and docent at the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum. Prior to the Great Recession I was a mid-level manager at a Fortune 100 Company.  My husband and I will have been married for thirty years and have two grown children.  The Fort Hays State Virtual College allows the flexibility needed by a non-traditional student yet the quality of a traditional school. Each of my professors have been subject matter experts, approachable as well as good teachers. They have supported my intellectual quest through encouraging participation in academic conferences, publication, as well as through the process of interning at one of the area’s most prestigious historical institutions.

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FHSU’s online MBA is #1!

Fort Hays State University’s online MBA program has been recognized by! In their review of 2016 data from schools across the nation, FHSU rose to the top.  They set out to find the programs that combine quality with affordability, and they recognized FHSU’S excellent student-firsf focus and accessible tuition rates.

Ready to take the next step?  Apply here!

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